HELP DESK : PUDA Bhawan, Sector 62, Mohali


The Government of Punjab in order to bring unauthorized colonies under a planned framework and to provide basic facilities to the residents of these colonies had enacted the Punjab Laws (Special Provisions) Act, 2013, which was re-enacted in the year 2014 and further re-enacted in the year 2016 under which the policies- No. 12/2/2013-5HG2/3052 dated 21.08.2013(amended vide No. 12/2/13-5 Hg II/4017 dated 05.11.2013),No. 12/2/13-5Hg2/332385/1 dated 28.10.2014 and No. 12/04/16-5Hg2/891764/1 dated 15.12.2016 were notified respectively for the compounding of unauthorized colonies and for the regularization of plots/buildings falling under unauthorized colonies.

During the implementation of these policies, Govt. has information that there still exist a number of unauthorized colonies and many plot/building owners falling under unauthorized colonies which could not apply for regularization under the previous policies. The colonies which have already been issued regularization certificate, need not to apply afresh. Similarly plots that have been issued regularization certificate earlier shall not be required to get the same again after the colony in which they are situated is regularized. Whereas, the association of colonizers of Punjab have brought to the notice of Govt. certain difficulties in the implementation of these policies and whereas Government desires to ensure provision of the basic services and safety to the residents of these colonies.

Now, Government has enacted an Act called The Punjab Laws (Special Provisions for regularization of unauthorized colonies) Act 2018, therefore the Governor of Punjab is pleased to notify this policy for the compounding of unauthorized colonies and for the regularization of plots and buildings falling within such colonies and to prevent the future growth of unauthorized colonies in the State of Punjab under the provisions of the above said Act.